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Welcome to the Shop of silicone breastforms

You have all means to accentuate your bodily elegance and to shape your dream body in certain areas. The silicone breastforms and other items for body forming you can buy here are of current edge technology.

Our artificial breasts are hardly distinguishable by either look or touch from real breasts. By using special support items for fastening the breasts to your body you can reach the feeling as if they are actually belonging to your body. They follow every movement like real breasts, swing and wobble while walking and become flatter while lying down.



Extreme realistic silicone breast forms with direct casted silicon nipples

These extern extreme realistic silicone breast forms, optional with direct casted silicon nipples - are a top-quality product

Made in Germany



Extreme realistic silicone breast forms with direct casted silicon nipples

They are manufactured from high-grade silicone using a very highly skilled process - State of the Art. These silicone breastforms behave like real breasts, in the way they move, as well as how they feel. You can order these silicone breast prostheses  with direct casted most realistic nipples - livelike coloured.


AMOLUX Program for silicone breastforms and lingerie - Made in Germany


AMOLUX for crossdresser and travestieAmolux-Silikonbrueste-Diamond-front.jpgAmoluxury-Showstar-schwarz-BH.jpg

View the offerings for  

  • unique realistic extern cross dresser silicone breasts
  • Bras filled out as silicone breast prostheses
  • Self adhesive silicone breastforms
  • Beautiful panties with silicone cushions for fantastic hips and bums

in our shop. Most items are available in a lot of sizes!


Breast Enlargement ´Special Push Up` -

Silicone breastform for wearing in a bra

The special breastform ´Special Push Up`for breast enlargement application was developed für women with a very small breast.

Sie finden Ihre Brust zu klein? Sehen Sie sich die "push up" Silikonbrust an!  Push up breastform for your bra  push up in the bra - it looks realistic

They can balance their proportions very easaly. It is very easaly to push the insert under the breast in the bra for support your breast in a optimal position. The silicone is very soft an smooth like a really breast. Only the special design of the backside enables an optimal Position and support.


We wish you lots of fun in our extraordinary SHOP OF BODY HARMONY!